Halloween Games for Parties

If you’re tired of the same old Halloween party games, then check out this list for some new ideas. These Halloween games for parties is exactly what you need to keep the spooky yet entertaining vibe continually going in your home. The longer the guests stay, the more fun they’re having and it’ll all depends on the games you’ve provided.

Below are a few Halloween games you can try out at your upcoming Halloween party.

  • Inflatable Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss. This game is simple, fun and easy to set up. There’s hardly any assembling needed and the only tools you’ll need are a good pair of lungs. This game features a 10 inch inflatable orange plastic pumpkin, complete with a Jack-O-Lantern face and 3 inflatable “bean bag” style bags. Have your little ones take turn in trying to toss the bean bags inside the pumpkin. The person who gets all the bean bags into the pumpkin first wins the game. It may look easier than it really is, but wait until you’re standing 5 feet away where everything like the opening looks much smaller.
  • Boo Bingo Game. Who doesn’t like bingo? Especially when it comes with super cool Halloween themed boards and games pieces. This bingo game is definitely one you should keep in your archives of great Halloween games. It comes with everything you need such as 16 individual bingo playing cards, a caller board, markers for both players and caller and instructions for those playing this game for the very first time.
  • Stack the Bones. If you’ve ever played Jenga before then you’ll be quite familiar with this game’s concept. It takes a steady hand, calm nerves, and complete concentration to remove these bones from the towering stack without having the entire tower fall on you. This game comes with over 4 dozen hand carved wooden game pieces in the shape of bones. Each player uses one hand to carefully remove bones from the stack and move them to the top. The last player to do so successfully without toppling over the stack wins the game. If you’ve got bone stacking skills you’d like to show off, then this is the game for you.
  • Hasbro Games Pictureka Halloween Edition. If you like Pictureka the classic version then you’ll love this Halloween edition. It’s perfect to play during a Halloween party, before or after everyone’s hyped up on candy and sweets. Everyone can play, young and old. All it takes is a quick eye and a speedy finger. If you’ve got both then you’ve got what it takes to win. First person to find the object in the pictures gets to keep the cards. The one who accumulates the most cards wins the game.
  • Skeleton Floor Puzzle. It’s Halloween night, so having a skeleton on your floor is actually quite normal specially if you’re playing skeleton on the floor puzzle games. This is a great game that can be played many ways. Time individuals to see who can put the pieces together the fastest or group up into teams and see which teams completes their skeleton first. This would be a good time to memorize that song “the leg bone’s connecter to the knee bone…”

Let the games begin this Halloween at your house with these and many more Halloween party games.

Fun Halloween Games for Kids

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Halloween? Well that may not be the exact saying but it fits the theme of Halloween just right. After all, it is a night full of screams in many ways. And one way you can get your group of trick-or-treaters and Halloween-ers screaming is by playing fun Halloween games for kids.

Children love to be occupied with all sorts of activities on this festive night so it makes a lot of sense to have Halloween games on the list of things to do. Here are a few games you might like to add to your list.

Halloween Word Twist

“Happy Halloween” is more than just a greeting. In fact you can make dozens of words from that phrase alone and with the Halloween Word Twist game you’ll be able to see exactly how many you can make in 3 minutes time. Play this wordy game individually or in groups of 2 or more. It’ll probably help if you brush up on the dictionary a few minutes before the game begins.

Pin the Fangs on the Vampire

No vampire is complete without pointy, white fangs. Otherwise they’d have to drink blood through a straw and juice box. Help put the fangs back on this vampire with a game of Pin the Fangs on the Vampire. It’s a great game that can be played by children of all ages. All you need is a blindfold and some sticky tape to begin. The person who sticks the fangs closest to the vampire’s mouth wins the game.


Halloween Guess How Many

Guessing games will forever be a form of entertainment for years to come and it never gets old, especially when the prize is a big bowl of candy. Print these cute little cards out for your guessing game and have guests write down their names and guesses on the cards. The person closest to the exact amount wins. Now the hardest part of the game is getting a bowl full of candy and not eating them all before the guests arrive.

Witch Hunt

Don’t worry; this is nothing like the Salem Witch hunts people did back then in 1692. No one’s going to get hanged or pressed between stones. In this witch hunt, you’ll be taking the paper witch cut outs and placing them all through the party room. When guests arrive, give each person or group a flashlight and turn the lights down low or completely off. First team to find all the witches wins.

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Halloween Charades

Whenever you play charades, it’s sure to be a fun time. That’s why it’s a great idea to include this classic game at your next Halloween party. Halloween charades has all the spooky and creepy characters in silly everyday scenarios, like Dracula putting on sun screen or a ghost ballroom dancing. Act out the scenes to the best of your abilities and watch as everyone tries to guess your charades.

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